Am I Pregnant Quiz and the Symptoms of Being Pregnant

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There are several common questions that usually are being asked when you take: Am I Pregnant Quiz in many websites. Those common questions are including:

  • Have you been peeing a lot?
  • Do you feel a little bit nausea?
  • Do you feel extra exhausted recently?
  • Did you use condom in your last intercourse?
  • Are your breasts a little bit tender?
  • Do you have mood swings?
  • Did you miss your period?

Well if your answers are mostly yes, then it is the time to check the other symptoms of being pregnant and buy a test pack.

What are the common symptoms of pregnancy?

Am I pregnant quiz or Am I expecting quiz mostly is taken due to women’s uncertainty about their noticed body change. Here are the classic symptoms of someone who is pregnant:

  • Swollen, tender breast

Hormonal changes in early pregnancy that can cause sore and sensitive breast. This discomfort will be less after your body can adjust to hormonal changes

  • Missed period

If you notice that a week or more has passed without the beginning of your usual date of menstrual cycle, there is a big possibility you get pregnant. But this symptom cannot be the only measure you are pregnant since it can be irregular menstrual cycle

Am I Pregnant Quiz
Am I Pregnant Quiz
  • Increased urination

You will notice that you go to the bathroom to urinate more often. The reason is because when someone is pregnant, the blood amount in her body is improving and causes her kidney to experience more fluid which ends up in her bladder.

  • Nausea without or with vomit

Morning sickness can be experienced at any time either during the day or night. You are pregnant if you experience it in the first month. But, other women are possible to never have nausea feeling while others may experience it earlier. Even though there is no clear explanation why nausea happens during pregnancy, the major possibility is because the pregnancy hormones.

There are also other symptoms that usually pregnant women experience it. Those symptoms are:

  • Cramping

In early pregnancy, some women experience average uterine cramping

  • Fatigue

The other ‘famous’ symptoms of pregnancy is fatigue. Many women usually feel high levels of soar due to hormone progesterone during early pregnancy. It is also the reason why pregnant women are usually sleepy all the time.

  • Constipation

Constipation happens because of digestive system in the body is slowing down. It is also because of the hormonal changes too.

  • Nasal congestion

Increasing blood production and hormone levels can cause the membranes of mucous in pregnant women’s nose swell, bleed, and dry out easily.

Am I really pregnant?

Now, let’s get back to the first question which is: are you really pregnant? If many of the symptoms of being pregnant happen to you, then you should buy a pregnancy test. Even though sometimes those symptoms can indicate that you are sick during your period, you can still test it whetehr you are expecting or not.

When you are confirmed that you are pregnant, you can start going to prenatal care to take care of both your health and your baby. Taking Am I Pregnant Quiz also can be very helpful if you don’t notice any changes all this time.