Best Teeth Whitening App for You

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Today, technology can help your physical appearance changes dramatically in pictures. Either you simply want to brighten your skin or whiten your teeth, applications in a smartphone can do them all for you. Get to know about the best teeth whitening app to upgrade your look in photos.

#1. Photowonder

The first teeth bleaching app in the list is Photowonder. This is a slick free app that allows you to get instant whiter teeth without you have to apply bleaching gels made of hydrogen and carbamide peroxide solution. With the app, various useful tools to help you get your best look include “blemish fix”, “teeth whitener”, and “slimy”. The teeth clearing application is so popular among selfie addicts and has been downloaded by 100 million people in over 200 countries. Not only that, by using the Photowonder application it will make it possible for you to choose various frames and backgrounds to make your photos look more attractive.

#2. Facetune

Facetune is one of the most popular applications for editing selfie photos. This application will allow you to look as if you have perfect skin in real life. The features available in Facetune will enable you to do various things such as out skin tone, smooth wrinkles and creases, create flattering visage, and erase zits. There is also reshape feature available in this application to make it possible for you to have thinner and taller body in your photos.

Best Teeth Whitening
Best Teeth Whitening

#3. Visage Lab

Once you upload your photo selfie, this Visage Lab will soon apply teeth whitening feature in your picture. Not only that, this application can also do various performance such as eye makeup, shine removal, skin makeup, and eliminate your wrinkles. The most interesting is that all of the actions can be completed by the application within 10 seconds, not more. This is the best application to choose especially if you adore doll-like face and perform airbrushed style.

#4. Cream Cam

Another great teeth whitening app you can apply for your selfie photo is Cream Cam. Not only make your teeth look whiter, this application also enables the users to get perfect skin in their selfie pictures. This free application comes with swipe functions to tweak imperfect things in your appearances such as pimples as-as uneven skin shine and tone. With the application, you can also have shining and flyaway hair. There are two main editing features available in this application, they are blur and brightness. The two editing features can be easily customized on a sliding scale starts from 0% up to 100%.

#5. Perfect 365

Last but not least, the next teeth whitening app in this list is called Perfect 365. By applying this application, you will not only be able to make your teeth look brighter but also enhance eyebrow color, apply to make up, and enhance skin with different tools. Once you complete taking your selfie pictures, the application will instantly let you upload the editing result to your social media. This is such a great way to upgrade your appearance in your social channels.