Best Teeth Whitening Method You Should Know

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In whitening teeth, there are several producers that are often conducted by professional dentists. Each procedure has their own strengths and weakness. To help you with choosing the most suitable for you, here is best teeth whitening method that you have to know.

#1. In – Office Teeth Whitening

The first top teeth clearing method is called in-office procedure. Before conducting this treatment, a dentist will examine the patient’s teeth which includes observing soft and hard tissues, dental and health history such as allergy and sensitivity, as well as placement and restoration conditions. The doctor will then use bleaching gel made of hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide.

The solutions are the most compounds you can find in teeth whitening products. The gel will be placed on your teeth for 15 to 30 minutes. The procedure doesn’t take a long time to complete and you even only need to visit your dentist once for the overall procedure. Due to the benefits that people can get from in-office teeth whitening, this procedure comes with the highest price if compared to the other common methods.

Best Teeth Whitening Method
Best Teeth Whitening Method

#2. Whitening Kits Procedure

The next best teeth whitening method you can try is the whitening kits. In this method, dentists will provide you with a customized whitening kit you can use at home for about one hour every day. This process should be done for about two weeks till your teeth get their perfect white color. In conducting this procedure, your doctor will take impressions of your teeth in order to create the whitening tray. The item will be produced in a laboratory and you can expect to receive it within one or two weeks. Though it comes with a lower price than the in-office teeth whitening, but the result shown is also satisfying. The procedure costs less since it takes longer time.

#3. Over – the – Counter (OTC) Whitening

The next best teeth whitening method in the list is called over – the – counter. Just like the whitening kits method, this over – the – counter also requires you to use whitening tray which is filled with whitening gel. The bleaching gel generally contains carbamide and hydrogen peroxide. Unlike the in-office method that involves mold in your mouth, the later procedure doesn’t have the same benefit. In addition, the whitening gel solution used in the method comes with weaker concentration. That makes it has a lower price if compared to the two precious teeth whitening procedures. The tray used in OTC should be applied for about two hours each day and it will be last for three up to four weeks to get the finest result.

#4.  Gels

You can get gels especially designed for teeth whitening for about $10. To use the gels, you have to apply the solution on your teeth for about five minutes each time with a small brush. It takes few days for you to see the result and it will last for about four months. Though the price is much cheaper, the result you will get from the gels is not disappointing. However, gels come with shorter – lasting result if compared to the other teeth whitening methods.