The problem of infertility or infertility tends to be referred to as a woman’s problem. The reality is not so. Both men and women can each have problems with the […]

Why can’t I get pregnant? This is a common question that many women ask when their effort to get pregnant ends in failure. There are many reasons why you fail […]

How long does ovulation last? Ovulation or the release of a ripe egg by one of women’s two ovaries actually takes place only in one instance every month; however, ovulation […]

Couples who are ready to have a child will begin their long journey with one simple question: when does ovulation occur? Ovulation is a process by which the ripest egg […]

How is normal weight gain in pregnancy? One of the most important changes during the pregnancy is weight. Weight gain is very important to support the growth and development of the […]

When am I ovulating? You might be asking about your ovulation period because you want to know when you should be prepared for getting pregnant. Ovulation is a process in […]

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