The Reason of Hair Loss from Chemo and How to Make the Best of It

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Sometimes you’re taking for granted of something until you lose it. It can happen to your hair as well. If you are cancer survivor whether you are going through chemotherapy or done with it, the possibility to lose your hair is very big. Both women and men mostly admitted that they lose their hair as the side effect of chemotherapy. Hair loss from chemo cannot be prevented but there are ways how to make the best of it. In this article, you will find out not only the reason why you can lose hair during and after chemotherapy but also how to go through it with relieve.

Why does it happen? 

hair loss from chemo
Hair loss from chemo

The drugs contain in chemotherapy are strong medications that combat growing cancer cells rapidly. But aside from powerful medication to make the cancer cell gone, the side effect of that hits your hair root. Hair loss from chemo or alopecia areata from chemo will happen not only on your scalp but also all over your body. They are including pubic, eyelash, armpit, eyebrow and another part of your body that grows hair will fall out too.

What kind of chemicals inside chemotherapy?

There are various drugs or medication you can find in chemotherapy that cause hair loss. They are including:

  • Adriamycin: this is the most powerful medication to defeat cancer cell. But it is also the ultimate cause of your hair loss, especially on your head. You will lose your hair even in the first week during the treatment. It is also possible that you will lose eyebrows and eyelashes too.
  • 50fluorouracil and Cytoxan: it cause hair loss but in less amount compare to Adriamycin.
  • Methotrexate: it is almost a rare case to have hair loss because of methotrexate.
  • Taxol: this is also one of the powerful medications that can cause complete hair loss including pubic area, brows, arms, head, legs, and lashes.

Other treatments types of breast cancer can also cause complete hair loss. It is including: 

Radiation treatment

Sometimes radiation can cause hair loss in certain part of the body depends on where it is treated. If radiation is used to treat the brain, then it is possible to have complete hair loss. Meanwhile, radiation for treating breast usually will not give the effect to your hair on your head but it is still possible to loss the hair around nipple if some women have hair around that.

Hormonal treatment

It can cause hair loss but usually, it will not make your head completely bald.

How to make the best of hair loss?

Here are quick tips for you who are going through hair loss.

Before treatment:

  • Always be gentle and kind to your hair including avoiding bleaching, perming, and coloring
  • Consider having short hair  since you will have a big difference after chemotherapy treatment
  • Plan to cover your head including scarves, wigs, or other head coverings During treatment
  • Use a soft brush and gentle shampoo
  • Shaving your head to reduce irritation
  • Protect your head with head covering and sunscreen

After treatment

  • Always be gentle to your hair especially during new hair growth
  • Always be patient

Hair loss from chemo can be gone through without so much worry. By making the best of it, you need to believe that your hair can grow back time after time.