How To Lose Weight Rapidly

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For some people, the struggle to lose weight can be very frustrating. Therefore, they need the right and most strategic ways on how to lose weight rapidly. Excess weight isn’t only identical with lack of confidence but also lack of healthy living. So, it can definitely cause many health risks when the weight isn’t properly controlled and reduced.

Now that you have committed to a healthier life with losing weight as the focus, there are some rules of how to lose weight fast you need to stick to. And the rules are all explained below.

Drink Mainly Water

Forget the energy drink, light beer or even fruit smoothie. Instead, focus on drinking only water. Why? Because drinks other than water at least contains 100 calories for each serving and it isn’t as satisfying as food containing 100 calories. Meanwhile, there are also other types of a drink high in carbohydrate and liquids which only let your body retain more water. Therefore, your only option is to drink water to jumpstart the body metabolism. If you want a bit of variation, add mint leaves or lemon wedges.

Replace Refined Carbs with Veggies

The next rule to lose the weight rapidly is by avoiding the simple carbs that can usually be found in sandwich rolls, spaghetti or white rice. These foods definitely wreak havoc. Why? Because they are quick to digest so they only leave you feeling hungry within a short time.

To replace these foods, don’t choose the whole grain bread products that are claimed to be healthier because such products contain filling fibers that trigger bloating. Instead, replace them with vegetables for a week full like cauliflower, carrots and other healthy veggies.

How To Lose Weight Rapidly
How To Lose Weight Rapidly

Cardio 30 Minutes Every Day

In every diet to lose weight, exercise is always necessary. But you don’t need to aim at the heavy exercises. Instead, do cardio for 30 minutes every day. This is enough workout to burn calories. The typical workout consists of boot camp workout, cardio kickboxing, and spinning. These exercises tone up the legs and arms to make sure they get tighter and sleeker. If you wish to burn more calories, incorporate it with interval training.

Drink Coffee before Workout

Here is a unique recipe only a few people know. Coffee is not only a delicious drink but also a healthy choice especially when it comes to diet. What this drink does is to make you more productive. So, when you drink it an hour before workout, you will have a more productive workout which means more calories to burn. This will be more effective if the coffee is not sugared.

36 Lunges and Push Ups Every Other

As you do cardio 30 minutes every day, combine the exercise with lunges and push-ups. What these staples do is to sculpt the muscle to let you have more streamlined appearance. Your upper body will be targeted with push-ups while the lower body such as thighs, hips, and butt will be targeted with lunges. As you do the exercises, the legs and back need to remain straight in line to improve the muscle tone.

By following those rules on how to lose weight rapidly, you will soon begin enjoying a more toned body and healthier life.