Normal Weight Gain in Pregnancy

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How is normal weight gain in pregnancy? One of the most important changes during the pregnancy is weight. Weight gain is very important to support the growth and development of the infant. Even, it also gives effect to the conditions of a baby after being born. So, is your body’s weight in this pregnancy is categorized as normal? Check it here.

Weight Gain Based on BMI

The weight gain of women during pregnancy must be different from one to another. It depends on the body mass index or known as BMI and your normal weight before being diagnosed as pregnant. The way to find the number of BMI is easy. It is by dividing your weight in kilograms with the quadratic of height in meters. If you already find the number, take a note. Here is the classification of BMI along which the weight gain should be achieved.

For BMI below 18.5 or underweight, you are recommended to gain weight for around 12.7-18.1 kg. Meanwhile, for BMI from 18.5 to 22.9 or normal, you are recommended to gain weight for around 11.3-15.9 kg. Next, for BMI above 23 or overweight, you are recommended to gain weight for around 6.8-11.3 kg. Lastly, if the IMT above 25 or obesity, the gain weight recommended is only for around 5.0-9.1 kg.

Besides, you should also pay attention to the weight gain based on the age of the pregnancy. It is estimated that the normal weight gain in the first trimester is around 0.5-2 kg. Then, your weight must be increased per week in the second and third trimester for around 0.4-0.59 kg for underweight, 0.36-0.45 kg for normal weight, 0.32-0.32 kg for overweight, and 0.18-0.27 kg for obesity.

Weight Gain in Pregnancy
Weight Gain in Pregnancy

Where the Weight is going

You may wonder why you should gain weight that way. Well, it is not only for the sake of your baby actually. the weight is basically the representation of nutrition. The nutrition is indeed distributed mainly for the baby for around 3 kg. Then, the rests are for placenta, amniotic fluid, breasts, womb, blood volume, liquid volume, and fat reserves.

 How to Gain Weight Safely

Based on the abstract of RCT or Randomized Controlled Trial, there are some ways to do to improve the weight naturally and safely. First, make sure that the foods consumed are full of nutrition like carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals, protein, and others. They can be simply found from grains, vegetables, fruits, meat, and others. Second, keep your consumption proper. You should eat at least three times a day along with consuming snacks. It is better if the portion is little but quite often.

Weight Gain in Pregnancy
Weight Gain in Pregnancy

Third, pay attention to the liquid consumed whether in the form of the drink or those contained in the food ingredients. Despite more water, consume more vegetables and fruits with the high amount of water. Fifth, it is necessary to drink formula milk for pregnant women. Besides, additional supplements are good also as long as it is under obstetricians’ prescription. Some supplements recommended are Obical with a high level of vitamin D3; Calmin-AF with Vitamins B2, B6, B12, C, and D; and Folamil Genio with various vitamins and DHA.