The Importance of Chin Strap for Sleep Apnea

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Like many sufferers, chin strap for sleep apnea devices are largely avoided due to fears of discomfort. Dealing with snoring is difficult enough, an added discomfort would make it all the more frustrating. Snoring does not only decrease the quality of your sleep but also others’ sanity as they have to put up with the loud noises. However, with the right anti-snoring device, you may correct the issues as you get the better quality of sleep. Here we are discussing on anything related to chin strap to help you get started.

Chin position, sleep and snoring

Before deciding on a chin strap to purchase, it is incredibly important for you to understand how the device works. Not only does it help you make a decision whether or not it is the right one for you, it also determines its effectiveness. Let’s start with an explanation of this condition, let’s start with one simple question. Have you ever noticed how you fall into the deep state of relaxation as you fall asleep?

chin strap for sleep apnea
The Importance of Chin Strap for Sleep Apnea

During this deep relaxation stage, your muscles will go deeper into relaxation as you doze off. Over time, this relaxing state leaves the muscles completely incapable of making movements. This flaccid state does not only apply to the muscle of your body, it also applies to the muscles found in the chin and jaw. When both of these muscles collapse, sufferers’ mouth typically hangs open, with tissues in the sufferers’ throat and tongue falling back. This sequence of reactions of deep relaxation causes snoring noises to emerge.

How chin strap helps

By using a chin strap for sleep apnea device before you go to sleep, you will get a support for your jaw and chin. Working like a sling, this device has the purpose to firmly hold your jaw in place. With this support, the sufferers’ mouth will stay closed. Not only does it help close the mouth, the forward position of the sufferers’ jaw greatly reduce the risk of collapsing throat tissues and tongue. Without these risks, sufferers are free from worries of them blocking the airways – resulting in no snoring.

Those who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea rely on the use of their prescribes Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine. Referred to as CPAP therapy, the machine works by forcing air right into your throat through a mask designed specifically for this purpose. Following this step, the machine will instantly manage to supply steady air pressure to keep the airways open. Your healthcare practitioner typically advises the use of chin strap to ensure the effectiveness of this therapy.

Wearing a chin strap device does bring a myriad of benefits. Not only do they provide adequate support to your jaw and chin, they also work as an effective anti snoring device. However, it cannot be denied that they come with a certain learning curve which is incredibly manageable. Despite the benefits it brings, there are times where its use must be avoided. With that said, always avoid wearing your chin strap for sleep apnea device when your nose is blocked due to flu or other condition.