Why can’t I gain weight?

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Why can’t I gain weight? This question must be often asked by people who are extremely thin. Uniquely, those thin people may not have any eating disorders. They eat normally and even more than other people who are fatter. If you are one of them, it is actually not a big deal. There are indeed some problems within your body but not that severe. Here are some causes why you can’t gain weight and some solutions to apply.

Why can’t I gain weight?
Why can’t I gain weight?

Fewer Calories

Don’t you know that eating so much doesn’t have any relation to the weight gain? This fact is known from the abstract of RCT in many research. That’s why; your weight cannot be improved after so much eating you has. The weight gain is related to the intake of calories. When you want to gain weight, the calories consumed must be more than what you need daily. In other words, the first step to do to improve the weight is by consuming foods with high levels of calories. They are including red meat, eggs, dairy products, nuts, grains, and some more.

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Metabolism Disorders

Another reason for being unable to gain weight is due to the metabolism system. Commonly, the body of thin people tends to process the metabolism faster. Therefore, whether he or she eats so much, the nutrition like carbohydrate and fat can just be burnt by the body into energy. This kind of metabolism disorders is actually not dangerous. But there is a clear effect for this; it is that your body cannot be fat.

How is to solve this problem? Again, it is by consuming foods with more calories as the deposit of nutrition so that not all of them is not burnt during the metabolism system. Consuming supplements is also a good alternative. Make sure that it is with doctor’s prescription particularly if it has high dosage.

Psychological Problems

You should not underestimate what you think about since it gives impacts to your body. Psychological problems even the mild ones like stress due to the job influence your appetite and metabolism system. Due to the stress, you may lose your appetite. Besides, there are cases when the appetite has no problems or tend to be improved but the metabolism system is lower down. For both cases, the effects are just the same; you cannot gain weight.

To solve this problem, of course, you need to reduce the stress like relax your mind, have fun, take a rest, and do all the interesting things with your family, friends, and the loved ones. if the stress is severe, go to the psychiatrist is needed to improve your mood in general. Weight gain is more possible if your condition is better.

Genetic Factors

Maybe, this cause is the most natural and the most difficult to be solved. Check your family members whether the skinny people are more or less. If there are more skinny ones, it seems the main factor of your body weight problem is due to the genetic factor. You can still do some efforts mentioned above. However, the results are probably not as good as when the causes are non-genetically. The other solution is consuming supplements contained amino acids, L-Lysine, and Whey protein.