5 Signs of Diabetes in Women That You Should Know

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Unhealthy lifestyle and dietary habit are mostly applied by most of the people. It increases the risks of diabetes for women and men. The women are at risk of attack by some diseases like diabetes. Moreover, the women don’t pay more attention to bad and unhealthy attitudes. You should detect signs of diabetes in women in order to do some prevention ways. If you are late to cure it, it can cause a death. Let’s detect some signs of diabetes in women that you should know.

Fungus Infection and Wound in Vagina

Diabetes signs in women can be started by infection of fungus in the vagina. The early symptoms can be itchy, painful, feeling painful in sexual activity, and vaginal discharge. Vaginal infection is caused by the growth of excessive candida fungus due to the high level of body glucose. The infection can run for times and develop to be wound in the vagina. This becomes a symptom of diabetes in women.

signs of diabetes in women
signs of diabetes in women

Women Sexual Dysfunction

The next sign of diabetes in women is about women sexual dysfunction. Neuropathy diabetic becomes a sign of diabetes in women. This condition often occurs when blood glucose reaches the high level so that it destroys fibers of somebody nerve. This is able to cause tingling and loss of feeling and response in all parts of the body including legs, and arms. This condition is also influencing sensation in vaginal area and decreases and women sex drive. It seems to be one of the signs of diabetes in women that influence your relationship.

Urinary Tract Infection

The next sign of diabetes is a urinary tract infection. Is it the same diabetes symptoms in men? It is rather similar to the men condition. Though it doesn’t always indicate to be a sign of diabetes irregular glucose level in the body will enable you to get this condition. It possibly happens. For this reason, it is better to check up your condition to doctor in order to get further medical checkup. The early treatment will minimize the worst risks of diabetes. If it is not cured, it can make kidney infection. So, you must be careful of this infection.

Breast Infection

For the women attacking diabetes disease, they often feel uncomfortable condition around under the breast. This condition is generally included much itchy feeling, especially in breast layers. Having a fat body will make a worse condition. The itchy feeling will cause fungus easily and develop it rapidly. It makes the condition cause much and more serious infection for women. For those facing to this condition, it is better to check up to doctor. In addition, it is better to avoid scratching strongly in order to prevent wound spots on the skin.


Nausea becomes the most symptom attacking diabetes sufferers. The sign tends to be suffered by women. Nausea is often running along the day with unclear causes. This condition actually happens when your body does a burning process of energy to get energy from fat backup. But, the fat burning caused by ketone substance entered into the blood vessel. The effect of this process is nausea. Those are some signs of diabetes in women.