How Long Does Ovulation Last?

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How long does ovulation last? Ovulation or the release of a ripe egg by one of women’s two ovaries actually takes place only in one instance every month; however, ovulation is not a standalone process. It is related to two other processes that are considered essential for determining women’s fertility: preparation for getting pregnant and menstruation.

In fact, women (and men) who ask about how long ovulation lasts actually want to know about the other two processes as well. The ovulation period and the length of women’s fertility period are determined by these two processes, so it is important to understand all of the three consecutive processes.

How Long Does Ovulation Last
How Long Does Ovulation Last

How Does Ovulation Occur?

Ovulation occurs when one of women’s two ovaries release a ripe egg or ovum. On women with a regular menstrual cycle, this occurs once every 28 days. The ovaries produce not only one egg. Between 15 and 20 eggs ripen inside the ovaries, but only the ripest one is released. Whichever ovary produces the ripest egg releases one, so the two ovaries don’t always take a turn in releasing an egg. The process is completely random and one ovary may release two eggs in consecutive way while the other ovary doesn’t.

Why Is It Important to Know How Long Ovulation Lasts?

Ovulation signifies women’s fertile period. After being released, the egg must be fertilized within 24 hours. Otherwise, it will die. At the time ovulation occurs, the process of preparing the womb for getting pregnant is also taking place. In this process, estrogens will get the uterus prepared for the implantation of fertilized egg. If the egg is successfully fertilized, the fertilized egg will be implanted in the uterine wall, triggering the first phase of pregnancy.

If the egg is not fertilized, other hormones will cause uterine wall to slough off and trigger menstruation. The three processes of ovulation, preparation and menstruation are thus connected with one another. You need to know how long ovulation last because you want to know the right time to get prepared for pregnancy.

How to Make Sure that the Egg Is Fertilized?

After the egg is released by the ovary, it will live for the next 24 hours, so it must be fertilized by meeting with sperm within this timeframe. Sperm on the other hand, is stronger and can survive within women’s reproductive organs within 7 days. Therefore, to increase the chance of fertilization and pregnancy, sexual intercourse should be done within six days around the event of ovulation. Men release about 250 million sperm during ejaculation, so if everything takes place at the right time and in the right way, egg fertilization should occur normally.

How to Determine Precisely the Ovulation Time?

Asking about when ovulation occurs offers better answer than asking “how long does ovulation last” when it comes to planning women’s pregnancy. By understanding the exact time ovulation occurs, women can plan the timeframe to prepare for their pregnancy more precisely. There are two ways to determine the ovulation time. The first is by calculating the ovulation time and the second is by monitoring physical clues. On women with regular 28-day menstruation cycle, ovulation should take place between 12 and 17 days after their first day of menstruation. Physical clues, including belly pain, sexy feeling, and thicker cervical mucus, will also occur in that period.