Quit Smoking Stages: How to Stop the  Bad Habit

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Not as easy as saying it, for smoking addicts, quitting smoking takes time and a long process. No wonder, you will go through many difficulties even just to live a day without smoking. Even so, the desire to quit smoking is not an impossible dream. The key lies in you. Here are some steps that you will experience when you want to quit smoking, the steps are then called the quit smoking stages.

These six phases to quit smoking will become your motivation to quit smoking. Some people can even continue with each step of quitting smoking without any problems. But some other people are just keeping repeating from the first stage because their determination to stop is not strong enough.

quit smoking stages
Quit smoking stages

You think that there is no harm to smoke

At first, most smokers believe that smoking will not cause serious problems. Even right now, perhaps you feel that smoking has some goo effects for yourself. For example, you feel calm and free from stress thanks to smoking. Maybe you also feel that cigarettes actually make life easier, at least this time. This perception will lead you to believe that it is okay to continue smoking regularly.

You begin to realize the bad effects of smoking

You start hearing bad things about the effects of smoking. Little by little, you have ensured that smoking is, indeed, harmful for your health. Even so, you still feel that you do not want to quit smoking because you are still enjoying it. Maybe you think the bad effects of smoking have not happened now, so it is okay to postpone the quitting process.

You’re getting ready to quit smoking

At this stage, you are already ensured that smoking can, indeed, cause a serious problem to your body. Therefore, you feel that smoking habits need to be stopped. At this stage, the smokers usually start looking for information on how to quit smoking. Many of them do not realize that the first best step here is to consult a doctor. The doctor will help you quit smoking by providing medical and moral support, including determining dates as motivation to quit smoking.

The first day to quit smoking

Once you get through the preparation, you will enter the early days free from cigarette smoke that will last for 1-6 months. This stage is the most difficult phase of the six quit smoking stages to go through, because most smokers will experience some symptoms and feel the strong temptation to give up on the effort.

Therefore, during this time, you should continue to be supported by the role of doctors in providing consultation on the side effects of smoking cessation, exercise benefits, and ideal nutrition intake. Family and environmental supports are also essential to help you gain the success in quitting smoking.

Finally, you are free from cigarettes

Your success in not smoking for six months has made you an experienced person who endures smoking cravings. At this stage, you will feel happier and more healthy as your toughest time against lust smoking has passed. However, you still have to be aware that the desire to back to the bad habit might be back anytime. Therefore, it will be good for you to keep yourself away from the cigarette smoke that can still harm your body even when you do not smoke anymore.