Skincare Routine Order : How to Apply the Product in Correct Order

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Are you sure that you’ve applied skincare routine correctly? If you aren’t really sure whether you’ve been doing it correctly or not, here is skincare routine order guidance for you.

  1. Start Light

The first thing you have to do when you are doing skincare routine is by starting it light. You can do it by using the serum as the first step. There are many reasons that make it very beneficial for you start the order with serum. The product can become the most effective and active ingredient for your skin. Moreover, it will be very easier for you to customize the serums.

All you need to do is picking up two or three serums that contain certain formula added with peptides. The ingredients are very useful to remove wrinkles from your face. You should also pick serum that contains salicylic acids if your skin type is oily. Meanwhile, aloe vera and licorice extraction contained in the serum product can also function to soothe redness.

  1. Antioxidant Will Work Best

An antioxidant is needed by any type of skin to keep it healthy. There are a lot of benefits your skin can get from the antioxidant include improve the production of collagen that will make your skin looks younger for the longer time. The antioxidant can also protect your skin from damage caused by sun exposure and make it looks brighter. Potent serum such as Obagi Professional – C Serum 15% can be the best choice for you.

  1. Leave It for a Minute

Make sure to always leave the beauty product for a minute to let it being absorbed by your skin after you apply it for a better result. Moreover, if you let the product for a while, it can help you to avoid it being pulled.

  1. Lock It Down

    Skincare Routine Order
    Skincare Routine Order

After you are sure that the beauty product you apply on your skin has been perfectly absorbed, you can turn to use moisturizer. This product is considered to be the key of layering method people should do in their routine. This is because the moisturizer can seal serum on your skin. This is beneficial to make the serum works more effectively for your skin. Make sure that you choose moisturizer product that is suitable the most for your skin type.

  1. You Need to Know When You Should Go in Reverse

If you have sensitive skin that is easy to get redness when you apply beauty products, you should make the steps simpler. You can do it by starting to use a moisturizer that comes without fragrance at the first place. After that, you can apply the serums on the top part of your skin. This is important since the cream will lower the effectiveness of the serums used on your skin.

  1. Add Oil

Oils in small doses for your skincare routine order can make your skin looks fairer. All you need to do is just drop some oils and then apply them on the dry areas on your skin after you put the creams. It will make your skin looks perfect.