Teeth Whitening from Dentist: Professional Help to  Whiten Your Teeth

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Trust your teeth whitening treatment to your dentist is always the better idea. Your dentist is a professional that will work under controlled conditions to whiten your teeth. Here is everything you need to know about the treatment of teeth whitening from the dentist

Teeth Whitening from Professionals

The general rule says that all DIY projects related to durability and health issues can lead to more serious problems. It is always better to ask for professional help if you face those problems, including teeth whitening procedure. however, whitening your teeth by yourself at home can lead you to more risk than doing the procedure with dentists’ help. Though it can be very effective if you know how to do it correctly if you misconduct it you will suffer toothache problem in the future. However, teeth bleaching from professional is much better. But, if you think you will ask for professional help to whiten your teeth, you should know what you will get from what you pay.

Teeth Whitening from Dentist
Teeth Whitening from Dentist

Spend Money for Teeth Cleaning

A procedure of teeth whitening from a dentist will require you to do teeth cleaning. Any time you do the teeth whitening procedure, you have to start it with cleaning your teeth from tartar or gums. Not only that, the dentist will also do filling procedure to any cavities in your teeth that need extra attention. Your dentist will not be able to continue whitening your teeth are not clean yet. In the whitening process, the dentist will place “dental damns” on your teeth in order to protect your gums.

After that, bleaching gel will be applied on your teeth by your doctor. The bleaching gel applied should contain hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide compounds for at least 10% up to 35%, and this is the maximum amount you can find in any teeth whitening product. The solution will be rubbed to your teeth for about 10 up to 45 minutes. The procedure will be replied in order to remove the remaining stains in your teeth. However, there is a weakness in applying the 35% solution for your teeth. This will lead the compound to remain in your teeth for a longer time, even for more than an hour.

In addition, the compounds can make your teeth turn sensitive after that. Professional whiteners will also create mold in your mouth sometimes. It is aimed to provide you with a custom fit – whitening tray after all of the procedures have been completed. In completing the procedure, you might have to visit your dentist with a span of four up to six weeks. Though the bleaching result will not last for good, it is always fun to have clear and beautiful teeth.

The Use of Laser Lights for the Teeth Whitening Procedure

A dentist might also use laser lights in the teeth whitening procedure. But, you need to keep in mind that you ask the professional teeth whiteners whether the laser is necessary for you or not before they do the procedure. this is because the laser procedure is done to your teeth generally comes with high costs but without many benefits.