What Causes Panic Attack and How to Stop It

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Have you ever experienced of being panic in a sudden? Well, it can be something natural but also an indication that there is a disorder in you psychologically. In fact, it is called a syndrome when the panic attack has passed through the normal border. The worse thing is when this panic leads on other psychological problems like anxiety, bipolar, and depression. So, make sure to learn more about What Causes Panic Attack

What is Panic Attack?

Panic attack is happened when someone feels deeply and intensively afraid of something. It can also be getting on the peak in a long time period from minutes to hours. Uniquely, this syndrome is appeared spontaneously and not as the reaction for a certain pressuring situation. In other words, it is without any reason and unpredictable. During the panic disorder, everybody who experiences it is likely trapped in an extraordinary terror and fear. He or she may feel want to die for this, lose control in his or her own body and mind, and even suffer heart attack.

What Causes Panic Attack
What Causes Panic Attack

What Causes Panic Attack

There are many people who are suffered from this psychology syndrome in this modern day. Unfortunately, the main causes of panic attack are still not known yet. Some research and observations show that it is basically a combination between biologic body condition or gene and external factors. In the further research, the external factors like environment can even give bigger contribution although the tendency has been naturally in the patients’ body and mind since they were born. So, when the environment around supports them to suffer from depressions, the attacks can just be experienced more often.

How to Detect Panic Attack

The symptoms or signs of panic attack can just be different from one patient to another. However, based on the data from Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder, this syndrome is called panic attack when the patient experiences at least four of these following symptoms. They are fast heartbeat, sweaty, shivering, breathing difficultly, feeling like being choked, pain on the chest, nausea, headache, losing balance, fainting, and fear for being dead.

Some of the symptoms mentioned above are also often experienced by the patients of other syndromes. One of them is the anxiety attack. However, panic attack tends to be happened faster like only in hoarse for the longest. Meanwhile, anxiety attack or syndrome let the patients to feel the same ways even more weeks or months.

How to Stop Panic Attack

Although medical help is necessary for this syndrome, it can be actually stopped  by the patients themselves or with helps from other people around. First of all, control your breath. By doing this, you can help your heart working normally as well as decrease the blood pressure and bring back your self-control. Second, consume the medications. With an assumption that you have checked this condition, you should already provide the medication, commonly Benzodiazepine. Third, try to do your normal activity, keep talking, working, moving, and focusing your minds. This way, you send to your brain that there is no danger around and you can .

By knowing what causes panic attacks by patients themselves, will make them more able to control themselves in the event of an attack